Dota 2 Boston Major Ends With A Bang

The Dota 2 Boston Major ended the way it started: with a bang. Throughout the tournament, players and spectators alike were shocked as the tournament favorites were slowly eliminated. Top-seeded teams like Wings Gaming, Evil Geniuses, and Virtus Pro (despite putting up legendary fights) fell victim to the fierce competition. Very few people in the Dota community could have predicted the baffling results from this weekend. The only two teams standing for the grand finals were Team OG, and the lesser-known Greek team, Ad Finem.

The best-of-five grand finals series would earn the winner $1,000,000 dollars, and neither team would go down without a fight. Although OG took the first two games rather easily, shattering the crowd’s belief in Ad Finem’s ability to pull the upset, game three was arguably this year’s most intense game of competitive Dota.

Despite a highly-contested mid-game, and a lack of momentum, Ad Finem made the game go late, and they picked up a Divine Rapier around the 63-minute mark on Omar “Madara” Dabachach. This play led to a number of team fights in which the rapier was traded back and forth, but ultimately allowed for Ad Finem to secure mega creeps. However, even with mega creeps, Ad Finem was having trouble winning team fights, and you could feel the nerves and tension rising as a feeling of desperation began to sink in. Mounting one last all-in push on OG’s base, Ad Finem charged in, knowing that a failed team fight could lose them the game and the tournament.

After an extremely fast-paced and chaotic final battle, OG’s final building, the ancient, was down to just a sliver of health, and only a lone Earthshaker survived the brawl on the side of Ad Finem. Knowing it was time to do or die, to win big or go home, the Earthshaker, played by Verros “Maybe Next Time” Apostolos activated his shadow blade and while invisible, rushed the ancient. 79 minutes into the game, a lone Earthshake was able to sneak in to land the final blow and close out the game to force a game four. The commentators, the crowd in Boston, and the entire twitch chat, erupted all at once. The underdogs from Greece, after being beaten down the first two games, found a way to keep it together and give OG a run for their money.

OG would win game 4 and the Boston Major, earning themselves $1,000,000 and a whole lot of respect. But Ad Finem’s run at this tournament is one that will not soon be forgotten. Before the Boston Major, Ad Finem had never competed in a valve-sponsored tournament and had mediocre results at most other tournaments. But now they have earned $500,000 dollars and the respect of the entire Dota community. Ad Finem is here to stay, and they mean business.

Missed out on the amazing game 3 of the Boston Major grand finals? Watch the full match here!

Published by Daniel Gregory

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