DotA 2 Sees Significant Player Decline


DotA 2, Valve’s popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, recently saw a significant decline in the player user base following the major Reborn update. The update rolled out last month with the express intention of creating a more varied, accessible game. Among the changes were a new interface, community-created game modes, and most significantly, a shift to the Source 2 engine.

Along with these features came a range of reported bugs and issues, much to the disappointment players. According to the Steam Charts, September saw a 16.28% drop in average active players, from 606,944 to 508,156. This is not only the most significant drop in DotA 2’s lifespan, but also the lowest average thus far.


Valve has since released the 6.85 update directed at correcting a range of reported issues. This isn’t an entirely dramatic issue, as DotA 2 is still going strong with a broad player base, but the MOBA genre is tightly contested, so maintaining a strong user base will require some fine-tuning from Valve.

Source: Geek Snack