Dragon Ball Fighterz Is Getting a New Update


Last night, the official Dragon Ball Fighterz openrec.tv stream held the 13th installment of their serial event featuring some of the top Japanese players. At the end of this particular broadcast, Bandai Namco announced a new balance update for DBFZ. This update will include system updates, alongside character changes, and will release March 27th, or 28th overseas. It has also been stated that this will be the only update of the year, so this upcoming version is confirmed to be the version appearing at EVO this summer.

The details of the changes were gone over during the stream, but for our non-Japanese speakers, the reliable translators of the FGC have already begun translating and posting the specifics in English. (Thanks, Hiago).

More details will be announced the day before the update.

Check out the character changes here:

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