Dreamhack Masters Las Vegas Results (CS:GO)

The Dreamhack Masters tournament at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas has come to a close, and the final day was nothing short of legendary.

In the first semifinal match, Counter Strike fans got to relive the E-League Major Grand Finals between Astralis from Denmark, and Virtus Pro from Poland. Hungry for revenge after their loss in the E-League finals, Virtus Pro was able to win the series two-one over Astralis, with a particularly strong game three on Train (a map they’re known for playing exceptionally well on).

The second semifinal match featured SK Gaming from Brazil, and North from Denmark. SK Gaming had performed well this tournament with their new player felps, and this series was no exception as the number one team from last year was able to close out the series two-zero.

Dreamhack Masters

The Grand Finals between SK Gaming and Virtus Pro was now set. Virtus Pro chose to play on Cobblestone, while SK Gaming elected to play on Train. If anyone could take Virtus Pro on train, it would be SK Gaming. The final map, if needed, would be Mirage.

Game One on Cobblestone went in SK Gaming’s favor as Paszabiceps of Virtus Pro dropped a devastating 52 ADR, and was unable to have much of an impact. Meanwhile, SK Gaming had an extremely impressive terrorist half, as they took advantage of many well executed A-Site takes with pinpoint accuracy.

Game Two on Train was the map that myself and many other Counter Strike fans were waiting for. Virtus Pro and SK Gaming are arguably two of the best teams in the world on the map, and Virtus Pro is not known for cracking under pressure. Virtus Pro showed their experience as they took the first pistol round, but SK Gaming immediately won the next round, breaking their economy. The two teams would go on to play a hard fought game, in which Virtus Pro was ultimately able to pull out the win with a huge performance from Snax.

Game Three would be fought on none other than Mirage. With the championship on the line, and a $200,000 prize for first place, both teams knew that failure was not an option. Virtus Pro came out strong taking a six-two lead with a strong defense, but SK Gaming then rallied to end their terrorist half with an eight-seven lead.

The second pistol round went in SK Gaming’s favor as they began their counter-terrorist half, but Virtus Pro would battle back to tie the game at 13-13, and eventually win 16-13. Despite coldzera dropping over 30 kills for SK Gaming, Taco’s play was underwhelming and felps missed a crucial trade kill breaking their late game economy. Each of Virtus Pro’s members had a number of clutch plays, ultimately showing why their unparalleled team synergy makes them a force to be reckoned with. All in all, it was a close and memorable series!

Missed out on the action? You can watch the VODs at https://www.youtube.com/user/DreamhackMedia/videos !

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