Driver Transfers – F1 2019’s Most Revolutionary Change

The first Formula 1 game I brought was: F1 2012. I had recently just got into the sport in real life and was looking forward to starting my career as a Formula 1 driver. I picked up this game in early 2013, just before the start of the 2013 season. Lewis Hamilton – my favorite driver at the time had just moved to Mercedes. As this was the 2012 game, Lewis Hamilton was at McLaren. Having previously only playing sport games such as FIFA, it was an assumption of mine that you could easily transfer drivers from team to team. So my plan was to transfer Lewis Hamilton to Mercedes to replace Michael Schumacher, and I would replace Nico Rosberg, leaving me to be Lewis Hamilton’s teammate.

As I glossed through the menu, I quickly realized that driver transfers was not a thing. And till this year’s release, this much-requested feature had not been included.

Prior to the release of F1 2019, Codemasters had kept it quiet. As review copies of F1 2019 were sent out, reviewers, content creators, and more noticed that drivers were moving teams in their career modes. Codemasters later confirmed it – much to the fans’ delight. However, in future iterations it would be great to move drivers around from the menu, so you can play in quick races, as well as start your own ‘fantasy’ career mode.

Involving the community

I reached out to the Formula 1 game subreddit, with the question: ‘What are the craziest F1 2019 driver transfers’? Here are some of my responses:

F1 2019 - Driver Transfers This is a big turnaround, considering it is midseason at the Japanese grand prix. Weber and Butler should be very interesting at Renault!

F1 2019 - Driver Transfers On the other hand, in a similar point in the season, this players driver market has been uneventful to say the least.

F1 2019 - Driver Transfers What doesn’t money buy you!

Will he ever win another world championship?

Don’t we all want him back.


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