Dying Light 2 Surprises Us At E3


The sequel to one of 2015’s best games has been confirmed. Dying Light 2 improves upon already great zombie smashing gameplay by adding new narrative options that affect the outcome of the world that the game takes place in. The example given during Microsoft’s Press Conference involved the reclamation of a water source. Allowing the Peace Keepers to control the water source caused the area to flourish and plant life to grow, but the new-found power of the Peace Keeper made them corrupt. Hence, it seemed like the population ultimately suffered because of it. Chris Avellone, Narrative Designer, on the game announced that this is just on of hundred of choices within Dying Light 2 that can have a positive or negative affect on the world.

No release date has been given as of yet for Dying Light 2, but we are eagerly awaiting more information for it!