EA Attempting To Pay Celebrities For Star Wars Battlefront Coverage


Apparently EA has decided that one of the biggest releases of 2015 just isn’t making them enough money, and have resorted to attempting to bribe celebrities for some additional marketing and promotion.

Following the release of Star Wars Battlefront last Tuesday, it appears that Electronic Arts has been getting in contact with various celebrities for a paid mention of their incredibly popular title. If this Instagram post by Benjamin Burnley (of Breaking Benjamin fame) is to be believed, the publisher is trying to bribe its way to more sales by having famous people say they enjoy it for some of that sweet EA dosh. At least Burnley is as outraged as many consumers are with this deal, and this gambit has apparently resulted in more negative coverage of Battlefront than positive.

Things get a little worse for EA in the regard that Burnley’s whistleblowing on this marketing tactic is coupled with some rather scathing criticisms, with the artist commenting that:

“This game sucks, I would rather watch one of the godawful prequels than play this one more second.”

I paraphrased this slightly, as the original post contains quite a lot of vulgar language for the subject matter, but the original opinion on these proceedings is clear to see.

This news is following the ongoing controversy of Battlefront‘s $50 Season Pass, with many customers angry at the fact that so much content has apparently been held back that it nearly doubles the price of the game for the full package, especially  considering the rather minimal amount of maps and weapons included for the asking price when compared to competitors. Many people are buying the game and the Pass anyways, however, but it seems that EA isn’t satisfied yet with their profits if they’re gutsy enough to try to make these rather shady deals. You’ve got plenty of money rolling in already, EA, hold back on trying to make even more for now, yeah?

Source: Benjamin Burnley’s Instagram, GearSiege


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