EA Play 2018 – Boredom, Disappointment, and Frustration


E3 2018 has begun, but it was not the best start. As usual it was EA that kicked off the show with their EA Play conference, which turned out to be a lackluster event. With only few reveals (some of which felt more like slap in a face), cringey host, and boring Q&A it seems that EA will be the sore loser of yet another E3. To save you from enduring same pain, we bring you some highlights of the event.

Battlefield V Battle Royale Is Real

It seems that EA is really rooting for Battlefield V success after the failure of their last online multiplayer shooter (Battlefront II). They spent a lot of time talking about how groundbreaking the game will be, but we’ve heard the same things before, so take it with a grain of salt.

They did emphasize more than once though, that Battlefield V won’t have microtransactions or lootboxes, which is good. They also have a Battle Royale mode in the works, which probably has some of you screaming in anger, but the good news is that it’s going to be called Battlefield Royale, which is just funny. You can check out the new trailer here.

Origin Access Premier – EA’s GamePass

After obligatory boring Sports showcase, (FIFA and Madden 19 are coming if you weren’t anticipating this announcement), we got showcase of EA’s new service.

It is obvious that the titans of the game industry really want to replace the act of buying games with a digital service of some sort. Microsoft has made its first steps towards that recently with GamePass, which gives you access to some games including all of their exclusives on launch. It seems that EA is heading that way as well with their Origin Access Premier. What this service will give you is access to a library of EA games as well as some 3rd party, plus the ability to play future releases on launch such as Anthem. What’s interesting is that this service will also allow you to stream games on mobile devices as well as computers. If you ever wanted to play Madden on your IPhone, you’re in luck.

Jedi: Fallen Order Gets a mumbled announcement 

It seems that EA really tried to imitate Nintendo this year. If you remember Nintendo’s E3 conference of 2017, Satoshi Tajiri (CEO of GameFreak) announced a new Pokemon game for the Switch, without showing a trailer, logo or anything really. Well EA did the same with Vince Zampella from Respawn Entertainment, the good people that brought us Tiantfall. 

Vince Zampella mumbles through the announcement

Shockingly what Vince announced was not a sequel to their excellent FPS game, but new Star Wars game titled Jedi: Fallen OrderThere was not logo or anything, but we did find out that it takes place in-between Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars Episode IV: New Hope, which seems to be a trend in Star Wars spin-offs. We don’t know anything else though, so before you get excited be wary it is EA.

Dice admits they messed up Battlefront II

It seems that Dice have realised that they messed up with Battlefront II. It doesn’t say much really, as they said the same thing about the first game at the Battlefront II reveal. Then they tried to distract us with some Ewoks, after which they talked about some new Solo: a Star Wars Story content, which people probably won’t care about when you look at the box office results.

Their big reveal though seemed to be announcement of Star Wars: Clone Wars themed content for Battlefront II. At this point many of us are starting to question Dice’s knowledge of Star Wars fanbase. For those of you who are interested though General Grievous will be one of new playable heroes in the game, as well as Obi Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker. You can find more details here.

Unravel Two Is Coming…Now?

EA, in a very Nintendo like fashion, announced a new game and told us it’s available right now! That game being Unravel Two, sequel to cute yarn-based platformer, which was surprisingly good. The reveal on the other hand felt a little bit forced. They even went to the effort of pretending that what they had their on stage was the developer build of a game. Nonetheless Unravel Two seems quite cool and you can find out more here.

New Command & Conquer Game…But Don’t Get Excited. 

After another boring Sport section we got to what was by far the worst part of the show. It started innocently. Two guys came onto the stage, calling themselves shout-casters, and invited two eSports player in to have an epic battle… in some bad looking mobile game.

It was a painful and extremely boring experience. There was no tension or excitement, just two guys playing a mobile game, while two other guys shouted over them. After the match ended we got an announcement that none of us could ever imagined. This terrible looking mobile game was the next title in Command & Conquer franchise.

We don’t know much more about the game than what they showed on the stage, but do we really need more? It’s certainly not the game that fans of the franchise wanted.

Destiny 3 Anthem Is a New Type of Experience

Anthem is the big game that EA is trying to hype us up for, but it’s basically Destiny with warframes. Trying to clear up the confusion of what Anthem really is, they kickstarted the Anthem showcase with a Q&A. Not a bad idea on paper, but in practice it really did not work.

The biggest problem with the Q&A was that they tried to pretend that Anthem is a new unique experience. Description they gave us sounded very familiar though.

“not an MMO not a multiplayer… but something new and different”

Sounds familiar? This is basically how Bungie try to sell us on Destiny all those years ago. Further descriptions, no matter how convoluted they were, basically described Destiny. There is a tower like area, where story happens. There are open areas where you go around to shoot with your friends. You have different classes. Each class have different Javelin (a.k.a. Anthem’s version of warframes) each have different abilities. You can customise your Javelin of course (quite like in Destiny). One thing that they decided not to copy over from Destiny are the lootboxes, which is nice to see. Apparently Anthem will be lootbox-free, there will only be priced DLCs. We have to see how this will work you. If you would like to find out more about Anthem make sure to check out these articles.

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As per usual the EA conference was very weak. It was uninteresting and showed little to none of what we wanted to see. There were some good things, like their smaller titles Unravel Two or Sea of Solitude about which you can read here. But overall, EA did not set the bar too high. Let’s hope the other conferences give us something to be excited about.