EA Revealed Titanfall 2 During Conference At E3

revealed Titanfall 2

During EA’s press conference at E3, the studio revealed Titanfall 2. It will succeed Titanfall, a popular shooter made by former Infinity Ward members that set the tone for conventional FPS games of its generation. Fans have been patiently awaiting this sequel, hoping that EA improves on the chaotic, fast paced action of the first game.

In the teaser trailers, we caught a glimpse of beautiful graphics, and a few familiar things. Showing a drop pod impacting in front of a titan and a few ominous words. By the end, it seems we can expect melee to come into effect. As of the press conference, even more details can be confirmed. If you thought wreaking havoc was easy with your classic titan, get ready to fall out of your seat.revealed Titanfall 2

In the newly revealed Titanfall 2 trailer, we witness gorgeous graphics, smooth gameplay and influence from all the right games of this generation. Movement emulates the previous title mixed with Black Ops 3 in a futuristic style. EA has promised a deep progression system for multiplayer. Not many details were revealed about what you can unlock, however the video showcased 6 new unique titans with their own skill sets! This is a very exciting way for players to further specialize the way they play.

These different titans will have their own load outs and abilities. Featuring more melee combat with these mechs was a goal of the developers, so naturally we see more combat moves and use of the ‘force’ like abilities known to Titanfall. Many updated and new weapons for both pilot and titan have been added, with the promise of even more customization.revealed Titanfall 2

EA revealed Titanfall 2 as what fans wanted out of the previous game. Of course, they added a plethora of new features and graphics, but what has most fans writhing with anticipation is the addition of swords! Imagine dropping your titan down from orbit, drawing your sword and battling your foes, as though you were Voltron!

revealed Titanfall 2
Titanfall 2 Pilot close up

Don’t worry, weapons aren’t the only thing EA has added. For the first time we get a closer look into Titanfall‘s lore with a single player campaign mode! This story is meant to show how deep a bond between pilot and titan goes. Featuring all-new movement and weaponry, this game mode looks very exciting. The lack of single player content in Titanfall was a big complaint from the gaming communities, and this addition won’t go unnoticed.

Titanfall 2 will release for all platforms on October 28 of this year. This is big news as the first was an Xbox exclusive and no one expected the title to release under PlayStation at all. Cross platform play hasn’t been confirmed, but who knows what the future might hold.