Early-Access Title Nekro Back In Development

As one of the more popular Early Access games on the Steam Marketplace, the demon-summoning ARPG Nekro had quite a lot of the community worried when the frequent content updates the game had been receiving suddenly stopped. A week passed without any news. Then two weeks. Then a month. Then six months. Many people began to think that the game was never going to be finished, that either the company disbanded or someone simply took the money and ran, preventing the rest of the team from progressing any further. Minimal word was heard from the small development team themselves, but just a few days ago some light was shed on the future of Nekro and some of what’s been going on during darkForge Games’ impromptu hiatus.

From the Nekro discussions page on Steam:

“Hey everyone, I wanted to give an update on the state of the game.

2015 has been a very crazy year, and personal issues outside my control have made progress on the game much harder than I would have liked. As the only coder on the game, having to drop everything and take care of family related business esentially means all production on the game comes to a halt because there is nobody else to fill in my role.

The game has not been abandoned, but life has made working on Nekro difficult at the moment. As much as I wish I can simply spend all my time on the game, it would seem life had other plans. That said, the game IS almost done. It won’t take much more to push it out the door and get at least a solid 1.0. It may be a bit longer before I can resume work on it as money, time and personal matters are all trying to slow things down. But worry not, the game will see the light of day.

I want to thank everyone for sticking with us over the years and for all the support. I’ll keep everyone updated as I know more.”

It’s good to see that the game has not been given up on, especially since it’s such an ambitious project. It would have been easy to just stop all progress on making the game once this big hurdle of theirs was hit, but it’s comforting to know that the game seems to be in good hands. darkForge has treated their consumers with respect and dignity in business matters before, and has usually attended to community issues before swiftly and efficiently. As for right now, they’re alright in my book, and I look forward to seeing how the full version of the game turns out. Godspeed, darkForge. Godspeed.

For those unaware, Nekro is a game that revolves around the concept of (unsurprisingly) being a necromancer. You collect blood to summon minions of all shapes and sizes and level up your beasties to more efficiently lay waste to the land. The game gained relative popularity with it’s clever idea, well-crafted Kickstarter campaign, and some coverage from the likes of Total Biscuit and Jim Sterling. It’s a fine example of how a developer can have a fleshed out game on Early Access and still add plenty to it over time, a good base to expand on, if you will. If you’re a fan of dark humor and lots and lots of pig blood, give it a look, as it’s most certainly already worth your time.

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