Earth Defense Force 4.1 Released On PS4

地球防衛軍4.1 THE SHADOW OF NEW DESPAIR_20150216120221

Any day an Earth Defense Force title launches is a good day indeed, and those in the US are sure to be in for a treat as the newest iteration to the popular bug squashing simulator has hit store shelves. The fabulously named Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair isn’t exactly a completely new entry in the series altogether, but instead acts as both a visual and gameplay upgrade to the last main entry in the franchise, EDF 2025, offering the same chaotic alien-blasting mayhem but with a fresh coat of paint and some new toys to play with, which is certainly nothing to complain about.

Perhaps the biggest improvement made over 2025 is the inclusion of Pacific Rim-style Kaiju battles against the biggest monsters the series has seen to date. Instead of taking on these massive beasts with your puny platoon of foot soldiers (consisting of you, up to three friends either online or split-screen, and copious amounts of AI cannon fodder,) you and your team instead take control of massive Gundam-esque mechanical behemoths and take the alien monstrosities on fist-to-claw. While not a primary focus of the game, these large-scale battles offer up some much-needed variety to the usual Earth Defense Force formula of “walk to destination, kill bugs, fight boss, repeat,” and are sure to provide some exciting moments with friends when you get the chance to gang up on the biggest threat the EDF has ever seen in big stompy robots.

Other notable additions include a multitude of additional weapons, new ‘mutant’ enemies with various abilities, and many smaller quality of life improvements that will make your war against the bugs that much smoother to manage, including the ability for AI troops to pilot vehicles, targeting systems for said vehicles that allow you to aim more accurately at smaller foes, and general improvements and bug fixes thrown into the mix to ensure that the game is slightly less thrown together than it has been for the past few entries. These additions may not sound like much, but Earth Defense Force 4.1 serves more as an upgraded rerelease for current-generation consoles instead of a complete overhaul of mechanics, stapling on the equivalent of free DLC to enhance the value of the overall package.

You can get your fix of B-movie bug killing right now on the PS4 for $49.99 if you live in the US. UK players will unfortunately have to wait a little longer, but initial reviews are touting the title as the best EDF game to date, and fans of the series or anybody interested in mass-scale alien carnage should look into this newest installment. For gamers preferring to play on the PS Vita, the classic Earth Defense Force 2 is also available for purchase today, although it only touts minor improvements and graphical upgrades compared to the PS4 counterpart released alongside it.

Source: PS Blog