Earth’s Dawn is coming to PC


Video game publisher Rising Star Games announced today that OneOrEight Studios’ side-scrolling action title Earth’s Dawn will be available for PC on December 7. The game has anime-like visuals, combat mechanics along with weapon and skill customization options.

Earth’s Dawn is a 2D action experience, the game takes place in the year 2020 and Earth is being destroyed by an invasion from an alien race known simply as E.B.E. who are consuming anything in their path and proved impervious to existing weapons. Until weaponry was created using their own technology. Now it’s up to an elite fighting force of superhuman soldiers known as A.N.T.I. to put an end to the destruction.

The game combines anime-like hand drawn visuals and accessible combat mechanics.


Some of the game features are that you play as an elite soldier using bionic alien implants and reclaim Earth from the invading horde. Create your own unique character, then customize their skills and craft new weapons and equipment. Use a huge array of sword, gun and agility moves in fast-paced battles to build combos and earn rewards. Enjoy a unique story that changes depending on the missions you undertake. It also includes exclusive equipment and missions not available in the original Japanese release, with a total of 100 missions in the game that can change depending on the choices made by the player, giving more replay value.

Already released on the PS4 and XB1, Earth’s Dawn will be available on PC via digital retailers on December 7 for the retail price of $29.99/€29.99/£29.99, with a 20% launch period discount when purchased via Steam.

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