Elder Scrolls Blades Will Launch as a Free Mobile Game

elder scrolls blades

The announcement for Elder Scrolls Blades was made during Bethesda’s E3 conference. This a mobile game that can be played in landscape or portrait mode. Visually, the fantastical landscape is as incredible on mobile as it would be on any other platform.

elder scrolls blades

You will play, in first-person, as a member of an organization called the Blades, the empire’s top agents. After being forced into exile, your character returns home and sees that the town needs to be rebuilt since it was destroyed.

Elder Scrolls Blades has three different modes. There is the Abyss, is a rogue-like mode where you explore a dungeon. The Arena lets you battle against another player. Lastly, there is the Town, which is the hub for story and quests mission.

elder scrolls blades

Also, the game will feature a town building mode. Players can decide what their town will look like, upgrade buildings and decorate. As you rebuild the town, you will unlock new NPCs and quests. You can visit your friend’s town as well.

Crossplay will allow mobile players to play with someone in VR. This game will be brought to smartphones first and then to VR, PC, and consoles. Blades is coming this Fall for free and pre-order is now available. You can also pre-register for early access.