Elder Scrolls Legends: Building a Rival

At this E3, 2016, there was more information released of Bethesda’s very own Online Card Game: Elder Scroll Legends. A game where you will be utilizing the heroes from Elder Scrolls history, the insidious monsters, and magical spells we are all familiar with will be used against other players in a battle of wits and skill.

The cards are on the table for Bethesda.

Gaming models are commonly followed, one way or another. Whether it be in the MOBA industry, the latest Hero’s Arena, or any other – the leading game models make head way in popularity and in revenue. With the introduction of their own Online Card Game, Bethesda will be pursuing the same method that Hearthstone from Blizzard has lead the charge on for the last few years.

The question is: does Bethesda have it in them to create a proper rival for Hearthstone? With experience in this game model, a long standing fan base, and competitive play, Hearthstone has a lot to stand on against this new challenger, who’s still wet behind the ears in this particular genre.

With Bethesda, who’s very own fan base is as zealous and passionate about the Elder Scrolls franchise stands a chance. With a history of many different genres under their belt, from Massively Multiplayer Online Games, to some of the finest RPG open world games out there we can expect Bethesda to have a firm head on their shoulders with the challenge they are facing.

From the glimpse that we got, we see that they have taken a very similar approach to Hearthstone. With loot packs, magicka, a 3 card draw, and layout similarity: Bethesda’s preview of Legends showed us a very familiar card game. What it did offer however, was two notable differences in game play.

The introductions of two lanes, with presently unknown side effects in which your characters will oppose one another. The second newest feature in comparison, is runes being attached to your total health, and as it dwindles it will activate a rune and draw a random from your deck and immediately play it. Offering to the players a little bit more of chaotic feel to the traditional playstyle of the game.

While it stands that the games are very similar, they come from very different universes, and Bethesda has a lot to offer on it’s own to this new card game. If the game is successful, as Hearthstone was, it will generate a massive amount of revenue for Bethesda to dish out to future projects and games.

Below is a preview of comparisons, take a look and decide for yourself if Bethesda is simply recreating Hearthstone in their own image, or merely following a well thought game model and perhaps even improve it.

Are you excited for Elder Scrolls Legends? I’m willing to give it a try and see if the game offers more to the table then Hearthstone might.

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