Enter the Holy Grail War in Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order

Gaining a lot of hype in Japan right now is Fate/Grand Order, and it is gaining a steady following here in the United States.
In the past or future, there are dangerous events that could wipe out humanity, and in Fate/Grand Order you will stop these disasters from ever occurring. Fate/Grand Order is one of the games added to the growing family of the TYPE-MOON franchise as a member of the mobile gaming community that offers players across the world a chance to become a master in a Holy Grail War. This would be the case normally; Fate/Grand Order offers up some variation to how the Holy Grail Wars have operated thus far. As a master, you would be paired with a single Servant of one of seven unique classes, a being or person recognized by history that allows them to participate in the war with you. With amazing characters such as King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Gilgamesh, Atalanta, and many more by your side, they fight for their own wish as well.

Fate/Grand Order
Gudao/Gudako, the Master and Player Character

You take the front of this war, as Gudao or Gudako, a member of an organization of Mages that attempt to stop disasters in time and space from ever occurring. Essentially, you’re a time-traveling mage cop. Sounds awesome right? It only gets better. Unlike the normal Grail War scenarios that we have grown used to over the years, Fate/Grand Order allows you to have the aid of not just one, but five servants. With such power at your hand, you’ll be capable of stopping any humanity destroying singularity in space-time.

At the very beginning of the game, you’ll start off with your companion, Mashu Kyrelite, an unique class of Servant known as Shielder

That’s the gist of the story without spoiling too much of it, it’s best to experience it by playing it oneself. Playing through each chapter you go through will increase your servants strength as you give them experience cards. And through each chapter, you will learn more of what’s causing these world altering events and with the aid of CHALDEA you’ll one day strike at it’s root.

In Fate/Grand Order you will face a large amount of enemies in waves, creatures varying from ghosts, werewolves, to other Servants. Defeating them in missions rewards you with story dialogue, experience cards, and Saint QuartzQuartz is the monetary value in F/GO, and you will get it sparingly. It can be rewarded to you in other ways outside of story missions, such as logging in daily, your accounts longevity, and through events and maintenance. It can also be purchased through the game itself at the cost of real monetary, via PayPal or iTunes. With it, you’ll be able to spend four at a time, or 40 at a time to roll in the GACHA, which gives you a chance to obtain limited event servants, or to gain replicas of a servant you already own to increase their own power.

And while the Quartz is the lifeblood of F/GO, it is also no guarantee of unlocking these limited servants, some of which may be a favorite character. Characters iconic to the series, such as King Iskander and Gilgamesh are limited event Servants, remaining in the GACHA for only a week or two and then is locked back into the vault until a later time. This keeps new Servants floating in and out, but makes it quite hard for those with bad luck to obtain those they want.

Saint Quartz from Fate/Grand Order
Sweet or Salty, depends on the roll

Knowing rewards pushes you to do missions, and with the rewards earned you’ll be more capable of building a stronger team. In combat, your Servants will fight with the aid of equipment, known as Craft Essences and with their own rotation of attack cards. Attack cards come in Arts, Busterand Quick. Each Servant has five cards and the amount of each type varies, each type of card serves a different purpose in battle: Busters deal more damage, Arts fill up your mana which allows your Servant to utilize their Noble Phantasm, and Quick cards allow you to gain critical stars which increases the chance of performing a critical hit next round. Synergizing your team and their card rotations is key to defeating your enemies. This combat system is similar to how the Kingdom Hearts Rechained operated, with a sequence of different cards you’ll get different results and achieve victory.

The combat system is simplistic and turn-ordered, as it should be for it’s game model. The combat itself is rewarding to see come to a close, either through a clean combo or through the use of one of your Servant’s Noble Phantasms. No matter the Servant you bring, you’ll be capable of clearing most missions,  with some margin for failure here and there.

What the game may not offer due to it’s limitations as a Mobile Game, it’s chosen to put into it’s artwork for it’s Servants and Craft Essences. Enjoy the link to some examples here! The artwork is beautifully drawn and very fitting for the Servants that are in them and is one of the best rewards that Fate/Grand Order offers. And out of the current 113 unique Servants to collect? You’ll be sure to find some that are worth your time and effort.

Whether you play the game for the game itself, or whether you’re just a true fan of the Fate series wanting to play one of it’s games, Fate/Grand Order is taking Japan by storm and is trickling over to us. Though it is currently untranslated into English, many players, including myself have learned how to use the menu and are working around the barrier. That is thanks to some guides that I will be linking below if you are wanting to join in on the Grail War! To download the game, you’ll need to install Qoo-App first, and then search for Fate/Grand Order.

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