EVE’s Fountain War to be Subject of Novel


EVE Online stands as an interesting experiment in player freedom. With its enormous scale and solely player-driven economy, there’s a deceptively large amount of conflict and action going on. It’s for this reason that author Jeff Edwards has launched a Kickstarter to produce a novel based on the infamous “Fountain War.”

The Fountain War was a grand-scale conflict between two enormous powers in the game world: TEST and CFC. With a great deal of intrigue, political manoeuvring, and of course, all-out ship combat, the Fountain War culminated in a great deal of virtual bloodshed, and went down in EVE history as one of the largest battles.

Edwards claimed that his interest was piqued in the Fountain War because it “…has everything an author could possibly want.” The project is being helmed by The Mittani Media, a firm owned by EVE’s most prominent player, The Mittani. EVE developer CCP is also financially contributing to the project. The current goal is set at $150,000, with a closing date of December 7. For more information, head to the Kickstarter page.

Source: Eurogamer