Expansion for Hearthstone Fills the Decks on April 26

Hearthstone Expansion

Good news for all those that play Blizzard’s online card game, Hearthstone! The release date for Hearthstone’s expansion has been announced and will be available in all American regions April 26. Release dates for Europe and Asia are scheduled to occur a day later, on the 27th. Filled with all sorts of creepy crawler corruptions, Whispers of the Old Gods will release 134 brand new cards. The title itself stems from World of Warcraft’s very own slew of primordial beings known as the Old Gods, powerful, evil, and dangerous beings that seek the corruption of Azeroth.

Those that pre-order the expansion pack before it’s live release will be rewarded with a special card back that embodies the aberrations within. With all sorts of new creatures, abilities, and class limited cards, Hearthstone players will be excited to see how this changes the game. Featuring a re-imagined Hogger, various worshipers of the Old Gods, and even five of the Old Gods themselves will be debuted as legendary cards to destroy your enemies.

Don’t forget to log in during the promotional period for Hearthstone’s newest expansion for your 3 card packs! With such powerful new beings, pick up your decks and enter the Arena to devastate your foes, this April 26th!


Published by Spencer Holmes - Contributor

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