Experimental Game Offers Players One Life

A unique title has made its way onto the Steam Greenlight service, much to the surprise of Steam users. One Life is a standard competitive first-person shooter style game, with one particularly noteworthy mechanic: death is permanent. Upon dying for the first (and only) time, the player is locked out of the game forever.

Social experiment-style games like this seem to be cropping up in greater number, starting with the infamous Day Z and other games of its ilk. One Life is closest in concept to The Flock, a competitive multiplayer game that limited the active population by restricting player access. This type of game is known more for forcing gamers into foreign situations and observing reactions, rather than explicitly designed gameplay mechanics or story, so it definitely caters to a specific audience.

Oddly enough, One Life is currently running at $10 from the official website, which seems rather steep for what could last little more than a minute. Steam pricing has not been revealed as of yet, but it may change closer to a potential release.

Source: PCGamer

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2 thoughts on “Experimental Game Offers Players One Life

  1. Cool concept, but to pay for an experience that might be over as soon as it begins doesn’t seem worth it.

    1. It’s a risky proposition, for sure. I suppose you could try to justify it as paying to participate in an experiment, or being part of a social event. Purely as a video game though, spending $10 for what could be minutes of gameplay does seem like a stretch to me.Knowing my history with shooters, I’d be lucky to get minutes!

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