Fallout Shelter Comes To PC This Week

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a very popular and successful mobile game. This free game is a huge hit with some 50 million downloads to date. Released after Bethesda’s 2015 E3 showcase, Fallout Shelter hit the top of the charts right off the bat. This base building game uses microtransactions to help players get rare loot, however everything is obtainable in the game without spending a dime. Finally late this week Fallout Shelter comes to PC.

Players can find many references to the Fallout series, from important NPCs to named weapons and armor. These items are usually obtained by opening lunchboxes, which you can earn by completing in game goals or purchase them as you see fit.

In Fallout Shelter players must balance four things, population, food, water and power. The game is pretty strait forward and simple, yet has enough things to do that you could play for hours. Collecting resources and placing your vault dwellers isn’t everything though. If you want the really good stuff, you’ve got to send someone scavenging. Arm and armor them, load up on Stimpacks and Radaway, and let them go. Just be sure to check in and send them home once their health is low. Fallout Shelter

On July 9 Bethesda teased us on Twitter, saying only five more days until Fallout Shelter comes to the PC. The mobile version of Fallout Shelter is also getting an overhaul with the 1.6 update, one of the biggest to date. These things coupled together should be available by the end of the week.

Previously stated at E3, Fallout Shelter 1.6 mobile update is a ‘really big update’. More locations, enemies and loot will be available out in the wasteland as well as new characters. Players will now be able to send dwellers on quests, and enjoy an ‘all-new’ combat system.

Bethesda has been pretty quiet about any more specifics, however with the release date closing in we can expect they will share more soon. As for the PC version of Fallout Shelter, it remains to be seen if it differs at all from the mobile version.

Published by Zack Harrington - Associate News Editor

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