Far Cry 5 Reveals Characters and Possible Box Art

After a series of leaks rooting from a thread on NeoGAF, Far Cry 5 was officially announced by Ubisoft through a series of short teaser trailers. These trailers showcase the beautifully varied locations within Hope County Montana – where the game takes place. Today, Ubisoft shared artwork highlighting some of the characters within the game. The picture (seen below) is styled in a way that might seem familiar to fans of the series, and could quite possibly be the final game’s box art.

Far Cry 5 Artwork
The first official artwork for ‘Far Cry 5’.

Looking at the artwork we can’t verify many, if any, specifics about the game. There are, however, several key details that the art gives us which might clarify some aspects of Far Cry 5. Most notably, the art seems to rule out the ‘Spaghetti Western‘ setting that was rumored alongside the original leaks. We can also see a structure under fire and a tower in the back, likely alluding to the outposts and climbable towers (respectively) that have become major components in Far Cry and other Ubisoft games. Sitting smack in the center may be the villain (or simply an antagonist), similar in placement previous games which have had the villain sit right in the center on the box art. He clearly hold some sort of religious or hierarchical role (self-appointed or not), based on his outfit, the way he presents himself, and the precise placement of the book and in front of him. Not to mention the unlucky man dubbed a ‘sinner’ on the left and a church close in proximity. Does this imply that they game will play heavily on religious tones and the ideals of righteousness? Nothing can be confirmed yet, but I would enjoy seeing Far Cry 5‘s take on it. On either side of him are also two very different groups of people. They could possibly belong to different factions that the (so far unannounced) main character will interact with throughout the game, similar to Far Cry 4. The group on our left seem more equipped and could possibly be a band of mercenaries or a motorcycle gang. The faction on the right seem more naturalesque and are possibly influenced more by thing of that…nature. There is also a pair of out-of-place hands reaching in from the right side of the image, just throwing that out there.

Ubisoft plans to release a trailer for Far Cry 5 on Friday May 26th at 6 am PT so keep your eyes peeled if you are a fan of the series. Ubisoft will undoubtedly reveal more info on Far Cry 5 during E3, so check back here to learn the latest!