Far Cry Set to Go Primal

Gaming news hub IGN has let a reveal for the latest Far Cry title slip. Through a since-withdrawn Twitter post, IGN announced that Far Cry Primal will be the next addition to Ubisoft’s franchise. As the title would suggest, Primal is set to take the Far Cry series to a prehistoric timeline, a significant departure from the more modern setting of recent installments.


Ubisoft is presently streaming an announcement video via YouTube. Given the cave-painting aesthetic, it’s reasonable to assume that this will be their formal announcement of Far Cry Primal. Beyond the vague information of the general setting, no real details are known, so this announcement video should serve to shed some light on the matter.

After Blood Dragon, it’s hard to know what to expect from the team at Ubisoft. Whether or not they will announce a range of different pre-order options with this video remains to be seen.

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