Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Hits the Amazon App Store


While I may be toiling away on the books for pharmacy school, something that’s become a regular morning routine is messing around with the Final Fantasy mobile title that released earlier this summer, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – the mobile game that combines the elements of dungeon exploring and collecting title Brave Frontier with the Final Fantasy universe.

Just the other day, gumi, Inc. recently revealed that the title is now available on the Amazon App Store, and can be picked up here. We looked rather favorably upon the title when we reviewed it in the summer. The launch is just in time for the collaboration crossover event with sister title Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, which brings over a vortex dungeon styled in Tactics decor as well as premium summon units Delita, Alma, and Gafgarion.

As far as the units go, they’re not entirely the greatest save for Delita (who still is rather outclassed), who arrives in a base five-star form, but they’re worth rolling for in the daily 1/2 cost summon should players have a plentiful supply of lapis at their disposal.