Final Fantasy IX to Release in the West

Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy IX is “coming soon” to Steam in the west. This news comes on the heels of Square Enix’s reveal last month (via a post on their official website) that Final Fantasy IX would see an eastern release on PCs and smartphones. An exact release date has not been announced, but Final Fantasy IX’s Steam page lists “Early 2016” as the anticipated drop date.

Only confirmed for a PC release in the west, Final Fantasy IX is reportedly more involved than a simple port. Originally released in 2000, Final Fantasy IX is roaring back with a list of new features such as Steam achievements and trading cards, auto-saving, higher resolution cinematics and character models, and boosters — not to mention the ability to turn off random encounters. Though Final Fantasy IX is more than a re-release, it’s much more in line with Square Enix’s recent Final Fantasy VII release on PC. There are a few new bells and whistles, sure, but it’s far from Square Enix’s controversial multi-part Final Fantasy VII remake.

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Published by Ruben Circelli

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