Final Fantasy VII Remake Battle System To Be Explained Soon


Details on the Final Fantasy VII remake, which is probably the most highly anticipated game remake ever, are quite sparse. There is no release date as of yet, but we can only hope that the episodic title won’t keep us waiting. One thing we do know is that the battle system has completely changed. No longer do we have the ATB system, but something more akin to Kingdom Hearts. In an interview with Dengeki Playstation (translated by, Tetsuya Nomura, director at Square Enix, again reiterated that they will be “proceeding towards an action-heavy style” in the Final Fantasy VII remake. He also says that the next time the remake is discussed, the specifics of the battle system will be clarified.

“the battles in [FFVII] have greatly changed from the original, since they’re something with more action in them. The next time I release information about [FFVII REMAKE], I think that I’ll definitely have to explain the specifics of what the battle system has become to the players. I think right now that nobody is really able to imagine a concrete battle, so I’m in the middle of coming up with steps that I can show and explain to people, ‘It’s this kind of battle.'”

Nomura also reassured skeptics of the move away from the ATB system. He states that for those who are bad at action-style battles, they’ve added systems that they can still enjoy. For those who do like this style of fighting, the new system will be different from any you’ve used before. It remains to be seen whether this trend of radical change interferes with other elements of this much beloved classic. Hopefully, once Final Fantasy XV is out the door, Square Enix can knuckle down on the Final Fantasy VII remake, and feed us some more details in the near future (but not too near, we’ll be busy playing FFXV).


  1. Hate the kingdom of heart battle system, the fact they seem to be in PR damage limitation mode over it means Square Enix hear us but just being stubborn about it or at least the team working on it, hopefully if we keep making a racket about not wanting the battle system change, we will force them to change it back to the ATB system.

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