Final Fantasy XV Co-Op Possible If Enough Fans Want It

Final Fantasy XV is a little over a month away. The franchise has always had an exclusively single player campaign, and the latest iteration was designed to be no different. Previous instalments of the series have dabbled in Co-Op; Final Fantasy IX for example allowed a second player to control characters during battle. So when game director Hajime Tabata told Hobby Consoles (translated by Lulost on MOGnet Central) that it was something they would definitely consider if enough fans wanted it, it didn’t seem too far removed from reality. Tabata also said that it would be very difficult, but to not discard it for the future.

“It was developed as a single-player experience. If people really want something like that we can definitely consider. It’s very tough to convert a single-player game that was designed as such to a multiplayer game. Even though the possibilities aren’t 0%, it’s complicated, let’s not discard it for the future.”

Final Fantasy XV Co-Op

Considering that the vast majority of RPGs are single player, it is difficult to believe that there will ever be a Final Fantasy XV Co-Op mode. Especially on a project of this size. It could be that Tabata is simply trying to make the game as attractive as possible. I mean, who wouldn’t want a Final Fantasy XV Co-Op experience? Within the same interview, Tabata states that there may also be efforts directed towards optimizing the game for the PS4 Pro post launch, as well as developing a PC port. Again, this could all be in an effort to assure us that work on the game will continue for long after it has launched.

The game seems to be receiving positive feedback after the first snippets of gameplay were released to the world. Though extremely unlikely, adding a Co-Op experience of some kind would cement Final Fantasy XV as the rebirth of the franchise.

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  1. Pretty sure this will not happen. But you never know … if the game sells 5-10 million copies … investing in a Co-op DLC might be feasable. So jump on the hype train guys and pre-order … maybe add some copies for your family 😉

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