Final Fantasy XV coming to PC ‘Early 2018’


During Nvidia’s press event at Gamescom in Germany, Square Enix revealed that Final Fantasy XV will be coming to Windows 10, Steam and Origin early next year. Though we all knew the transition to PC was inevitable, today it has finally been confirmed. This will be the definitive version of Final Fantasy XV, and will include all of the DLC currently available.

The tagline for this version of the game is “Final Fantasy at Ultimate Quality“. This translates to 4K high resolution textures, support of Dolby ATMOS, advanced grass and hair/fur simulation, extra fiery looking fire, richer shadows, and something called high quality ambient occlusion. Sounds fancy though. They also showed off a First Person Perspective mode, which will be perfect for getting up close and personal with the rear end of a behemoth.

After watching the above trailer, the game looks gorgeous running on a PC, and shows Square Enix’s continued commitment to the latest installment of this beloved franchise. What do you think of this news? Will you be purchasing FFXV again on the PC to experience the world of Eos at a new level of quality? Or are you happy to let this announcement slip by? Let us know in the comments section below.