Final Fantasy XV is Fastest Selling Title in Series


Final Fantasy XV was released on November 29th, and was the first title from the series to have a simultaneous worldwide release. No one can deny that the advertising, multimedia tie-ins and hype surrounding the game has been prolific. It seems to have paid off for Square-Enix, as they have announced that Final Fantasy XV is the fastest selling Final Fantasy game. After only a day, it has reached 5 million physical and digital copies sold worldwide.

The game also broke some records to the East. It has sold the most digital copies of any game during the first day of release in Japan, and the most digital and physical copies of any game across Asia excluding Japan. It looks like these extraordinary sales will continue as the days go on, according to Famitsu.

Final Fantasy XV features a highly detailed and rich open world, along with an innovative new battle system. Open worlds are big right now, so, along with including a lot of what makes the Final Fantasy series great, the appeal for this new entry has been vast. Early impressions of the game were also very positive, further helping to drive interest and initial sales.

Gamer Professionals will be following the success of Final Fantasy XV, so stay tuned for all the latest news.