PC Release Hinted for Final Fantasy XV


It’s no secret that Final Fantasy XV is one of the more hotly anticipated titles for this year, among new and old fans alike. In an interview with French website Jeuxvideo, FFXV Director Hajime Tabata threw a little more fuel on the fire, alluding to the potential of an updated PC port. As it stands, FFXV is set to remain console-exclusive, launching on both PS4 and Xbox One, but a broader release may be on the cards at some point down the line.


“I’m quite positive about the idea of developing a PC version, but I would like to make a very different project if possible. The reason I’m interested is that a PC version would propel the game to another technical level. I have in mind a version of Final Fantasy XV that is more technically developed. This version could incorporate things that we were forced to abandon because of the limitations of home consoles. With the PC, this would be an opportunity to release a version far superior in terms of quality and tech. That said, if we choose to develop this project, the development will start from scratch by doing research of what would be the best technology to use. It might not be a simple port of the console version.”

– Hajime Tabata

If that remark were to ring true, an updated port of one of the more ambitious titles of this generation could be inbound for PC. While it’s somewhat disheartening to hear that technological limitations have restricted the creative freedom available in the development of FFXV, the potential for a fully-realized incarnation is exciting at the very least. We’ve already seen a great degree of creativity poured into this expansive game, so it’s interesting to imagine just what may have been cut, as well as what may be added in future. On the flip-side, the idea of receiving an incomplete game is rather disappointing, but we’ll have to wait and see the extent of the impact as the game releases on September 30 this year.