Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro Patch Arriving in Next Update on 21/2

Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro

In the Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report stream, it has been announced that the Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro patch will be arriving in the next update for the game on 21st February. The much anticipated patch for the game will bring 1080p and 60fps to the PS4 Pro. As well as this, the update will also introduce limited-time quests, a level cap rise from 99 to 120, increased photo reel capacity from 150 to 200, and the ability to listen to music while riding a chocobo.

If you own a PS4 Pro, will this update tempt you to indulge in Final Fantasy XV if you don’t already own it? Let us know in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro Patch Arriving in Next Update on 21/2

  1. And this is why I’m waiting for an eventual collection or GOTY edition that has ALL the content in one package so the minute I pick it up I know I have the WHOLE game – not content being added two years from now waiting for the remaining portion of the game to be available. It’s different if it’s periodic free content but this is DLC – what happened to the day one package?…..they better do a collection like that. Especially good I waited so this Pro patch and other eventual ones are added overtime. Now whenever I get Pro, I know I’m playing best version of the game. At least on PS4 dunno what Scorpio will do. Hope I like the game when I eventually play. REALLY hoping KH III doesn’t take this approach…smh.

    1. As a guy who’s beaten the game three times already, I can tell you that you’ll more than likely enjoy the game for what it is. I think that’s the thing about it – enjoy it for what it is and what it presents rather than what it should have been when it was under Final Fantasy Versus XIII. πŸ™‚

      1. Wow 3 times already? All people I’ve talked to only beat the game once or are doing the side quests. Rare to hear people go through too many games more than once now tbh – especially my relatives since all they do is Skyrim and other TSE games or other Western RPG’s or games that are mainstream. Be great if they played FF XV and totally became fans of it. I’m only one who’s played FF haha – be a great change of pace so I don’t see them always on that stuff every time I see me XD

        And yeah I played the Platinum demo and liked it so believe I’ll enjoy what they’ve put in the game so far and will have by time all content is released. Oh yeah definitely I’m happy to have the game finally out even if it’ll never be Versus XIII it looks amazing πŸ™‚ I just wish planning had been better so all content for the is out day one then game feeling incomplete with me still waiting to play content yet to come out. Since I saw opinion article saying how they might as well have waited much longer to release so all this substantial content wasn’t being drawn out this way. Since I personally also agree game could have used more time to make or at least could have scheduled better so it was all there day one instead of waiting more than a year for so much to release. Plus with my hard drive not having as much space I rather not download DLC hehe.

        But yeah, I’ll totally embrace the game what it is even though reception towards it has been divisive. Especially playing with dual audio will be nice – I actually find it interesting with that so will most likely play with that instead of the English VO even though I know they put effort into their parts. Still gotta see Kingsglaive. And I understand people were looking at it in perspective of the original promise it had as XIII. i try to be more open minded about it, though I understand how those people feel. Can’t wait to play it eventually. Gonna wait especially with my back catalog of shame piling still XD What I do hope they take from this experience though is making the Agni’s Philosophy demo an ACTUAL game now that Luminous is fully built and they can utilize its features entirely. Though I have bad feeling Square Enix has shelved it. A shame especially since it was like my favorite demo by them ever – want that to be a game so badly. Only done VII-X want to play more of the games. Happy gaming πŸ™‚

        1. First time for review purposes, played through it “normally.” Second time was a more expansive run, doing a lot more of the side quests and end game content. Third run was, well, I wanted to see how low of a level I could clear the story, using only the royal armaments as primary equipment. I dunno, I just had a lot of fun with the game, and the music was really damn good for me too.

          Totally get how you feel about the incompleteness – I kind of feel the same myself, but I’m in no rush either way. And dude. You need to watch Kingsglaive. You’re missing out. πŸ˜€

          1. Ahhh ok I see. I imagine each consecutive playthrough you found something new that really made it feel refreshing this time around. I know some info about the endgame content but can’t imagine there were too many side quests – or variety at least since I’ve only seen people mention the dungeons and whatnot for the most part. And yeah I remember seeing that someone had completed the game at Level 1 or something with a Null EX item so they couldn’t level up. That’s crazy I don’t think I could do that. I’m just hoping customization is good so that the party is versatile in battle and I can get hang of combat more easily, though I was pretty good with it in Platinum demo.

            Oh yeah I heard Chapter 13 was horrible and that’s why they’re updating it, I can’t imagine any part of a game could be that divisive ever since the ending of Mass Effect 3. That’s also why it’s good I’m waiting – since I’m sure as time goes on they’ll find more that can be changed maybe down the road so best I wait anyway. I wonder if I’ll like it more than FFIX which is my favorite one. Since I didn’t like X as much as IX. Though I imagine with all they’ve touted about the game, there’s a ton of content already hopefully it feels like FF to me.

            And yeah I listened to some of the OST really liked the music this time around. Though I didn’t feel the piano aesthetic meshed as well, maybe if some more instruments had been emphasized also it would have balanced it out, though I guess it fits better with the game’s more somber tone. I wonder how this will change their approach to future games going forward.

            But yeah, I miss when the game came day one with everything – no extra content to download just plug in and play. Wish DLC was as dominant as it is now people will get tired of it soon enough. And yeah I mean I definitely try to savor my time with games doing as much as long as I can before going to the end, still makes me feel like I’m robbed from experience. With success the game has, sure it’ll have GOTY edition at some point, so will be worth the wait. Be great if they did one that included a demo for the next game so more can get it, that could be their impetus for doing more of those for their games – particularly in FF franchise. And definitely man, I wanted to see in theaters but couldn’t go. Will try to find where to watch and enjoy myself πŸ˜€

  2. This 60FPS update is great, but on the other hand, it means that I’ll completely stop playing the game from now until it’s out (I’ve still got plenty of Tales of Berseria to finish in the meantime). It also means that I’m less likely to buy future Square Enix games at or near launch.

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