Final Fantasy XV Taps Stand By Me As Final Fantasy XV Theme


Oh my God Square Enix. You dropped so many big monsters tonight that you seriously deserve credit and praise. Aside from some cringe jokes here and there, Uncovered Final Fantasy XV was an incredibly solid event. Early into the evening, Square unveiled a trailer. While I’m not a devout enthusiast to what trailers can offer, this one struck. It featured the immensely popular song “Stand By Me,” the incredible classic written by Ben E. King. The song was covered, too, by Florence and the Machine. Square is taking no shortcuts on this game, and this cover showed just how far the team is willing to go. It was brilliant, and the soft but powerful vocals really took the game up a notch in my books.

The song focuses on intimacy and being together with friends, a central theme in Final Fantasy XV. Trailers and shots of the game thus far have driven home the point that Final Fantasy XV is about bonding with friends, spreading tales over campfires and driving down moonlit highways in a sexy convertible. The song choice was excellent, the cover itself phenomenal. You can check it out below, and it starts at 1:00.