Final Fantasy XV UCE Gets 10,000 More Copies

Final Fantasy XV UCE
Final Fantasy XV UCE

Final Fantasy XV is to be released on September 30, 2016. Previously Square Enix stated only 30,000 copies of the Ultimate Collector’s Edition would be made world wide. With this limit in mind, fans from everywhere have been staking claim to their own copy via pre-order. However Square Enix has recently announced 10,000 more copies of Final Fantasy XV UCE will be made. These will also sell world wide but Square says they might not make it for the launch date.

Square went on to explain that they would like to produce more copies, but the lack of time is their reasoning for limiting production. This is because of how much detail goes into each individual Noctis Play Arts Kai figures. Each copy of Final Fantasy XV UCE comes with a hardback art book, two steel case books for all four disks, and the 26 cm, highly detailed figure of Noctis. The disks consist of an anime series, special soundtrack, a Final Fantasy XV movie and of course the game.

These additional 10,000 copies are not guaranteed to arrive in time for the September launch date. Rest assured Square states they are doing everything they can to get them out on time. Updates on Final Fantasy XV UCE will be posted on Square’s bolg. For now they have given us ordering instructions for various places world wide.

For France, North America and South America

An e-mail will be sent out to fans on the waiting list with a private link to purchace Final Fantasy XV UCE. These e-mails were sent out May 23rd and are only active for 48 hours, so check your inbox!

For EU (besides France)

The new batch will be available at Square’s EU store. This will be a first come, first served situation. Purchase limited to one copy per person.

For Australia and New Zealand

The promise that copies are coming. Square states to have more updates for these reigns soon.