Final Fantasy XV Trailer – What You Need To Know


The release for Final Fantasy XV is so close that we can practically taste it! With the game having been developed and talked about for the better part of the last decade, the game’s release in a little over a week feels exciting yet unreal. While some fans around the world have already received their copy of Final Fantasy XV (and have taken to the internet to spoil it), Square Enix has released a trailer (seen above) giving fans who are still waiting for the game some information about the story, world, and  its characters.

Here is everything you need to know going into Final Fantasy XV :

The game takes place on Eos, which draws a lot of parallels between itself and Earth. Eos is inhabited by six main kingdoms: Lucis, Niflheim, Tenebrae, Accordo, Solheim and Duscae. During war times, crystals possessed by each nation (except Niflheim) were destroy. The only crystal which survived the war was the one located in Lucis. Crystals have unique properties which allowed nations the ability to utilize magic. Since Lucis was the only kingdom which possested a crystal, their civilization advanced at a much faster rate than the rest of Eos. The crystal also influenced Lucis to develop under the influence of magic whereas the other kingdoms advanced through technological and mechanical means. At the beginning of Final Fantasy XV, the kingdom of Niflheim has used their technology and military might to become the superior nation to everyone except the kingdom of Lucis. With their eyes set on being the most powerful nation, Niflheim successfully invaded Lucis.

Final Fantasy XV Lucis

The above trailer summarizes the game’s plot very well. “You are Noctis, the crown prince of the Kingdom of Lucis, and your quest is to seize back your homeland from the clutches of the menacing Imperial Army: Niflheim.” After Noctis’ father, the king, is found dead, he embarks on a journey to not only take back his kingdom from from the military might of Niflheim but also to discover his true destiny. Joining Noctis on the quest is a great line-up of characters. Listed below are the main-party characters in Final Fantasy XV:

  • Noctis Lucis Caelum: The main playable character in Final Fantasy XV. Noctis is the crown prince of the kingdom of Lucis and rightful heir to the throne after the death of his father during the invasion of Lucis by Niflheim. Noctis has a more casual personality and finds issues with the restrictions placed on those of royal blood. Noctis possesses the ability to summon spectral weapons from thin air, a talent only gifted to members of the Royal Family. Noctis has a strong passion for protecting people.
  • Lunafreya Nox Fleuret: She is the secondary playable character in the game. Lunafreya is the former princess of the kingdom of Tenebrae, and Noctis’ fiancée. She is also one of the Oracles of Tenebrae. Oracles hold a specific importance within the world of Eos because they are able to ward off the “Plague of Star”, a supernatural threat which can potentially destroy the world.
  • Prompto Argentum: A good friend of Noctis who does not come from a family of influence or standing in Lucis. While young and unskilled in many ways, his understanding and mastery of firearms makes him very valuable to the team. The player has the ability to share photos taken in Final Fantasy XV to Facebook and Twitter because of Prompto’s love of photography.
  • Gladiolus Amicitia: The oldest member of the group and bodyguard of the prince. Gladiolus comes from a family line who has protected the royal family for generations. He is noted as being very strong and is able to deal a massive amount of damage to enemies. He contributes to the team by scavenging useful items at the end of battles – a skill which he will improve over the course of the game.
  • Ignis Scientia: Raised alongside Noctis, he was taught all manner of tactics and and strategic planning in anticipation of assuming the role of Royal Advisor. He also cooks for the team which helps them regain health and provides buffs depending on the dish he has crafted.

Combat in Final Fantasy XV is all done in real-time. Each character in the team has unique weapons and skills that can be chained Final Fantasy XV Combattogether to execute devastating attacks. Since this is a Final Fantasy game, you can expect magic to have a large role in battles. Summons (called Astrals in the game) can also be unlock and when they are brought into battle they will deal massive amounts of damage to enemies. There is also a large emphasis placed on parrying, countering, and dodging enemy attacks. For players who like a more traditional battle format, the game included the option to enable Wait Mode. This is more like the Active Time Battle system seen in previous Final Fantasy games where you can pick your action (such as magic, attack, etc.) and choose a target to attack. In combat, Noctis can switch between four different kinds of weapons which can be assigned to one of the four directional buttons on the D-pad. The characters can each be equipped with different outfits which boost specific stats in battle.

Traversal in Eos is where Final Fantasy XV shows a different direction then in previous game. Your main mode of transportation is the Regalia, a seemingly Audi inspired car that is the peak of luxury in Lucis. The trailer also mentions in passing :” Oh, and by the way, from a certain point in the journey, it will be possible for the Regalia to fly.” It is also confirmed that there will be boats to traverse bodies of water.  When you’re tired of traveling aboard machines, you can rid atop a trusty chocobo and access areas where the Regalia will struggle to reach. There is a limit to how close these modes of transportation will take you to your objective, and a good amount of the game is played on-foot.

Final Fantasy XV Regalia

Square Enix seems to have put a lot of effort into making Final Fantasy XV a groundbreaking entry in the series. While the fanbase has mixed feeling about the direction of the game, its release in a little over a week will tell us if the risk has paid off. Final Fantasy XV releases worldwide on November 29th.