Final Fantasy XV’s New Trailer “World of Wonder” Highlights Expansive World

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is coming soon, with a little over a month until the big day. After a decade in development with renames, it’s just around the corner for fans. Events such as Uncovered Final Fantasy XV, which took place back in March of this year, showcased the new features of the game and highlighted the outstanding vocals performed by music group Florence + The Machine.

Just the other day, the group released their album, “Songs from Final Fantasy XV,” to iTunes and Spotify. Florence + The Machine’s new album included the hit cover to Ben E. King’s standard “Stand By Me,” as well as two originals composed for the game.

In this new trailer, Square Enix puts the marine ecology of the new world on display to the song “I Will Be.” From what we’ve seen in there, it’s a beautiful world.

Published by Brandon Bui, PharmD

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