Firing Squad Joins the Agents of Mayhem

You may recall in my interview with Ryan McCabe, Lead Agent Designer for the upcoming Agents of Mayhem, that he hinted at a mysterious character named Scheherazade. We finally get to see what she can do. I have to admit, she does seem pretty awesome.

The newest trailer for Agents of Mayhem just dropped and it showcases a brand new team called Firing Squad. This squad includes the aforementioned Scheherazade and her teammates Oni and Kingpin.

Kingpin was both announced and playable at E3, but this is our first look at Oni and Scheherazade. Kingpin has a submachine gun and can throw a purple plasma grenade. His special ability is throwing out a boombox that causes all nearby enemies to start movin’ and groovin’. It makes them pretty easy targets, unless players decide to start dancing themselves.

Oni appears to use a silenced pistol and may be Agents of Mayhem’s outrageous example of a stealth character. Scheherazade is a master of manipulation, utilizing flips and throwing knives to misdirect enemies before finishing them with her katana.

I cannot fathom why a gangster like Kingpin, who is essentially just Pierce Washington from Saints Row if he had never joined the Saints, is a part of the team that also includes a Yakuza hitman and Japanese ninja. I am just going to chalk the decision up to another outlandish adventure in a completely bonkers-looking game.

Agents of Mayhem is currently scheduled to release on August 15, 2017 in North America and August 18, 2017 in Europe. Gamers will be able to grab it on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Microsoft Windows.

Published by Jordan Ramée - Channel Director

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