Black Ops 3: Awakening Map Pack Revealed


In a post on Activision’s blog today, the first pack of downloadable maps for Black Ops 3 was revealed, and it appears to be following in the series tradition of dubbing each DLC pack after an overused sequel subtitle, like Vengeance, Annihilation, or Rebirth. The newly-christened “Awakening” pack promises the Black Ops map pack standard of four new multiplayer maps and one new Zombie mode map, giving fans of the series a little more meat on CoD‘s multiplayer bones if the current map selection wasn’t to their liking. For those interested, the new maps being added are Skyjacked, Rise, Splash, Gauntlet, and Der Eisendrachen.

This news comes coupled with information regarding the Call of Duty World League, revealing Playstation as the presenting partner for the event. To celebrate this, there will be a panel at the Playstation Experience at 4PM PST tonight about the ways Treyarch had to revamp and improve their existing AI for Black Ops 3, and how these changes might impact the way artificial intelligence works in gaming in the future. For those unaware, the CoD World League is a gathering place for the best Call of Duty players around, boasting a prize pool of over $3 million to those who can prove their superiority over the common player. Each weekend, pro teams will be trying to make the cut to get their chance at competing, and all of the events will be broadcast via Activision’s Call of Duty eSports page.

We thought that Black Ops 3 made some much needed adjustments to the Call of Duty formula while not finding the need to completely reinvent the wheel to succeed. You can read our full review here.

Source: Activision Blog, Playstation BlogCall of Duty World League Page, Gamer Professionals