First Good Look at Anthem, Bioware’s Newest IP


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Teased yesterday at EA’s E3 Conference, Anthem is the newest IP to come out of Bioware Edmonton, the team behind the original Mass Effect trilogy. During Microsoft’s Conference today, we got a more in-depth look at this RPG.

Anthem looks absolutely fantastic. Bioware Edmonton basically doomed the fourth Mass Effect game for this. I can see why.

This is an absolutely gorgeous game. It has a female protagonist (always a plus). It has got mighty Titan like exo-suits called Javelins that you can customize and fly in.

Surprisingly, the gameplay LOOKS like what Mass Effect: Andromeda was promised to be. You can certainly tell that this and Andromeda were probably once the same game and Bioware Edmonton just split off in their own direction.

The game is coming 2018.