For Honor: Grudge and Glory Trailer


As Season 2 of For Honor has come to a close, Ubisoft released a new trailer showing off what to expect in Season 3. This season will be titled For Honor: Grudge and Glory.

For Honor: Grudge and Glory and will be available August 15 for all Season Pass owners. Everyone else will have to wait a week later on August 22. The new season is adding two new heroes which are Highlanders and Gladiators. Highlanders are Viking Hybrids who are equipped with a massive claymore which is the longest and heaviest sword in the game. The Gladiator is a Knight Assassin that is equipped with a shield and trident. Gladiators wears little armor but has a larger stamina meter and reduced cool down time which makes them very agile and formidable opponent.

Two new maps will also be added to the game titled Sentinel and Viking Village. Both maps have unique obstacles and environmental hazards for players to interact with. A few small changes will also be added to help improve the player’s For Honor experience. If you had reached max Hero Reputation and want to keep leveling up, Ubisoft has raised the level to 40. Early level progression will be faster for new players and a Legendary gear level set has been added. One of the more notable additions to For Honor in Season 3 are tournaments in duel and rankings. Not much info was released about tournaments but it looks like 4v4 ranked tournaments will be added later this year.

For Honor has seen a lost of some momentum since it was first released back in March of this year. It looks like Ubisoft is hopeful the new season will bring new players in as well as satisfy their veteran players. Regardless, Ubisoft definitely seems like they are working hard to expand For Honor longetivty. For Honor: Grudge and Glory definitely seems like a good start to achieving their future goals . For anything For Honor: Grudge and Glory or gaming related, stay tuned to us here at Gamer Professionals.