Fortnite Battle Royale Coming To Mobile Devices


Fortnite memes have shown us the obsessive players and the angry non-gaming significant others because their relationship is being ruined. This may just get worse. Epic Games announced a mobile version of Fortnite Battle Royale, the free-to-play multiplayer Battle Royale mode has become quite a craze. To have it on mobile seems like a bit of a stretch, it really is a hit or miss situation.

iOS users will have access to sign up before Android users to preview the early version of the mobile game. Starting on March 12th for iOS, players can register to get on their mailing list on Fortnite‘s website. Through the invites, Epic Games will let a limited number of players into the game. Those who receive the invite codes will be able to share it will other players.

The gameplay, content, and maps will still be the same as Fortnite from PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. Essentially, it is just another way to play the hugely popular game. Players can transfer their progress across platforms as well. Cross-play will allow mobile players to join up with players on PlayStation, Mac, PC, iOS, and eventually Android. Mobile players will also get to join PlayStation and PC lobbies, however this does not work vice versa. Depending on how the controls on mobile devices are, it may either be an advantage, disadvantage, or the similar.

Now Fortnite players can ditch their consoles and computers and play on their phones and tablets to further anger their loved ones – but gaming is life, right?

Published by Saniya Ahmed

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