Forza 7 Reveal – Microsoft E3 2017


Forza Motorsport 7 has been announced at the 2017 Microsoft Conference. As its first exclusive, Microsoft seems to be not holding back with this beautiful title.

It will run at native 4K resolution and a solid sixty frames per second it has been confirmed. The levels of detail from previous iterations have been increased, the maps look far more beautiful than ever before, the cars rattle along the race track and react to the weather conditions. Frankly the game looks gorgeous and the fact Forza 7 will contain over 700 cars to choose from including cars from Ferrari and Porsche, makes me all the more excited.

Microsoft has also prompted that they will actively supporting the e-sport scene with this racer, which makes a welcome change and perhaps hints a change in their focus for future online releases.

Forza 7 is set for a March 2018 release.