Free 30 Minute Trial of ReCore


Microsoft users are being treated to the first 30 minutes of newly released, ReCore, free of charge. Senior editor of the game, Joseph Staten, announced today on Xbox News that any Xbox One or Windows 10 user will have access to the free trial, found here.

ReCore was released for Xbox One and Windows 10 on September 16th of this year. The game has since received high praise as a fun and challenging take on a 3D platformer. In his interview, Staten went on to express his gratitude for all those already playing ReCore, and he was especially thankful for the community feedback. On that note, he explained that there will be updates released later today to better improve the player’s experience.

In our review of ReCore, we appreciated all of the fun gameplay and characters, but still felt that there were some areas lacking. Nonetheless, ReCore is a fun game that is worth a play through, even if it is only the free trial. And for those who want to purchase the full game after the free trial, Staten also stated that all progress will be kept after the trial has concluded.

With this release, it begs the question as to whether or not free trials are a worthwhile venture for game developers. In my personal opinion, I do not believe that there is any harm in releasing a free trial for a game. If anything it only helps spread publicity and shows that the developers care about their fans enough to let them try a new game before they buy it. In the case of ReCore, the added feature of allowing players to keep their progress and achievements only sweetens the deal. Microsoft and Staten made a good play here considering ReCore is a brand-new concept that may have not gotten as much publicity as it deserved.