Gamer Professionals Game of E3 2018

Gamer Professionals Game of E3 2018

Every year, the Electronic Entertainment Expo sheds light on projects that developers have been pouring their passion into, and even though E3 2018 was riddled with leaks and forced early reveals, it still contained surprises and moments that warmed our hearts and remind us why we follow this industry so closely. Every year there are several games that stand far above the others and after site-wide deliberation, we have settled on our E3 2018 Game of Show!

Game of E3 2018 – Kingdom Hearts III

Brandon Bui – Editor-in-Chief:

Brandon Bui, Editor-in-Chief

“Kingdom Hearts III has a storied development process, and even with thirteen years since the last main entry to the series in Kingdom Hearts II, the wait is going to be well worth it. Not only did I see immense lines at the show floor when at E3 for this game, I saw an incredibly polished experience not just in game play, but in the engine that Square Enix brought out for the game. The game is beautiful, and will serve as the conclusion to an insane storyline which spans almost two decades. By bringing our childhoods together with the realm of fantasy in such a way, I can’t think of any other game that I saw at the conference that deserves my recognition for this year’s game of the show.”


Casey Weinmann – Contributor:

Casey Weinmann, Contributor

Kingdom Hearts III is my game of the show for a multitude of reasons but mostly because we are finally getting it. Kingdom Hearts III has turned into one of those games that we figured would eventually never come out or would take so long that people would stop caring altogether. From the information that we already have about it you can tell that a lot of time and care was put into this game and Square Enix obviously wanted to do right by the fans of the series. The announcements and footage coming out of E3 for popular Disney characters and worlds are enough to make anyone even somewhat interested in the game, even if you have never played any of the games in the Kingdom Hearts series.

In my opinion, Kingdom Hearts is one of the few games in gaming that has the potential to connect with both the hardcore gamer and someone who has played little to no video games. People are going to see these popular Disney properties and it will intrigue them, maybe even enough to purchase a copy of the game and check it out for themselves. The E3 show is about new announcements and fan service to the gaming industry, Kingdom Hearts III has more than done both of those things. Kingdom Hearts III was first announced to be in development back at the E3 show in 2013, fans have been waiting for quite a while to see where there next adventures would take them. There is an excessive amount of excitement surrounding this game and as a fan of the series myself, this game cannot come soon enough. We will finally have our next installment of the game in January of next year and this game is most likely one that many players will be playing quite some time after release.


Published by Jordan Aslett - Managing Editor

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