Gamer Professionals Site Expansion: Podcast, Patreon, YouTube, and More


Hey everyone, this is a huge, huge moment for Gamer Professionals. It’s been a set of changes that we have been looking to implement over the last several months. The changes signal a movement to become more serious of a publication, starting with the homepage. To begin, I would like to welcome you all to the start of the new and improved Gamer Professionals.

The Better-Looking Homepage

At this publication, we’re always losing sleep on trying to keep the quality up as high as possible. We want our site to be the bastion for you to come by; we want to become your primary source. We’re academics and we do things very differently!

This starts with a renewed focus on the most important item: our stories! We want the focus to be on the stories that you read, and therefore have increased the number of visible stories that you can read to 22. You can navigate and go a bit further through the page using the pagination buttons as before, but the big thing is that there’s more stuff to read in one go now.

Even more to notice, we revamped our logo and slogan to reflect the current change in trend that our staff has encountered. With web design becoming heavily favored towards material design, we wanted to reflect that status ourselves.

On the right-hand sidebar, you might notice a place to input your email address. No, we won’t be sending your information to the nearest spam vendor. We’re not that evil! It’s merely because in the coming days (or weeks, depending on how smooth this all goes…) we will be starting up a biweekly newsletter that tailors your reading to some of our best stories, some opinions from our staff, and other, slightly different stuff to read to give you the latest information about us and what we are up to. Furthermore, you’ll notice that we now accept donations! The savings account is always running dry, poor Brandon can’t handle all the costs for himself! So, we’ve decided to try and give him a break, and we wanted to open it up to you. If you love us enough, please consider a contribution! Every dollar goes a long, long way. Donation options can occur via PayPal or through Patreon, and you can find that here. Plus, you’ll get your name embossed onto our Donor wall.

The Big Expansion

With the rapid arrival of the Game Developer’s Conference and the upcoming E3 2017, our operations are going to be significantly expanding. Our logic here is simple: with the rise of online publications and blogging, we need to distinguish ourselves a bit more, and the way to do that is to expand beyond our horizons of just writing a ton of material. We are officially moving into podcasting and revitalizing our YouTube channel.

So, about that podcast! It’s called the Gamer Professionals Show, but Brandon decided to affectionately call it the GPS. Hah, things ended up working out nicely there! Your host is going to be Ben Eberle, our Senior Editor, and now Podcast Director. We’ll be launching it formally in the next several days or so, please stay tuned! We’re actively searching for new voice talent.

Our YouTube channel was a floundering project back then, and we never really took it too seriously. We want to change that, especially with a horde of new content coming out related to the Nintendo Switch. With the recruitment of our new Channel Director, Jordan Ramee, we want to bring you our latest news in a better, hopefully visually appealing format. He’s going to keep you posted on the latest information, and will be the spearhead of that movement. Please do get in touch with him, if you’d like to work together with him!

That then leaves the writing front. So, what gives, with all this new expansion stuff? We’re not kicking the writing portion into the ground at all, if that’s what you are concerned about. Our primary focus is and will always be a writing publication. You can still look forward to our editorials and reviews, and watch us catch up on the gaming news. That will never change. We’re just bringing on more people, and we are actively searching for new writing talents at all times. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for that!

And finally…

I think that’s all that we need to say at this point. A lot of great and exciting things are coming down the pipeline and we cannot wait to get this started and kicked off of the ground. We would really like to thank our readers for continually coming back and supporting us in our endeavors, and without you guys, this site would still be an idea in a small book. As a final plug, we do hope you consider contributing and helping us stay on our toes. Thank you again, and continue to look forward to an amazing 2017 for Gamer Professionals.