Gamer Professionals 2.0 Update – December 2015


Hey everyone! It’s been an exciting past few weeks for Gamer Professionals. With more visitors coming, raffles, lots of new reviews and of course, your latest news coverage, it meant that a lot of things needed to be changed to bring forth the best user experience. The changes have been gradually occurring over the past two weeks, with the biggest one being a re-skin of the home page, as you may have noticed.

Some main points of this update:

  • New theme!
  • Redo of the Features slider
  • More news items to be displayed on the front page – 16 news items will be displayed
  • The ability to go back and read previously written articles
  • Popular Stories appearance on the right column slider
  • Site optimizations

Most importantly, the website is now powered by the latest WordPress 4.4 Clifford, which released a little earlier this week. Clifford introduces the ability to embed posts, comments, and a new API for WordPress developers. For you guys, though, it’s going to mean a much smoother and more secure experience.

This is a hugely exciting time for us, and hopefully to you all as well. Just a sneak peek at what we’re going to be doing in the next few months: I’ll be personally heading to Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas after the new year to cover the convention, new raffles to enter, lots of game reviews coming, and our continuing devotion to make a real impact in the games journalism world. Keep in touch, and get ready for things to take off!


  1. Site looks awesome Brandon! You probably noticed I don’t have time to help, but I still read the site. 🙂

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