Gamer Pros Seeking News and Featured Writers


Eager to work in the games industry? Eager to find a site that lets you develop your ideas and your portfolio? If you answered yes, then Gamer Professionals is the right place for you.

First of all, I need to stress that Gamer Professionals is currently an unpaid writing internship. However, once the site revs up and reaches a bigger fan base, it will happen.

Just a bit about us – Gamer Professionals is a site built on delivering games journalism with an academic spin – no Top 10 Favorites in Gaming, no list articles. We focus on mature content discussion with a featured piece out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and speak out on video gaming industry topics such as death and violence, and find connections. We launched on August 21, and have reached out to over five thousand unique viewers in just a little over a month. We are rated at 1.6 million on Alexa, and have teams such as Nintendo, Nippon Ichi Software, Logitech, and other gaming press companies working with us to coordinate reviews and press material. Each day we reach out to a couple hundred gamers and that number is increasing daily. We are located here. My name is Brandon Bui, and I’ve been in games journalism for eight years, and have been able to attend conventions such as E3, covering the events of the industry. My time and passion in doing this extracurricular activity have had enormous results in winning the loyalties of big PR firms and publishers. I hope I can win yours, too.

Gamer Professionals is currently seeking the following two positions:

  • News Writer: A position that will be the backbone of our website. Getting the latest information out is crucial and we need to be as quick as possible. You must have a strong grasp of the English language, and be proficient in grammar usage. Required to write one news piece per week. 
  • Features Writer: A position that will involve a little bit more time, but will be vital and the easiest way to get noticed by our team. Writing consistent editorials will allow you eligibility for events such as E3 and PAX depending on quality and consistency. In future when we get larger, this event will be covered for you. Required to have excellent and professional usage of the English language, and high proficiency in English grammarOne editorial minimum every two weeks.

While our quota is extremely small, the best way to be noticed and to observe growth is to write frequently. We have a highly qualified editor who is willing to work with you in improving your writing, and if you ever need help all you need to do is speak with either one of us, and we will make sure you are able to develop your voice in the best way possible. You will always have a voice of opinion on my site, and everything you write for us will be yours to own, to distribute as you please.

In the odd event you don’t hear from us, please follow @GamerProsNews and DM us for further updates on your application! Typical response time after receiving will be around 72 hours.

About the Owner

The owner of Gamer Professionals, Brandon Bui, has been in gaming journalism since his teens, and has written for a majority of website types – from the small blog, to the large enthusiast gaming network that has attended E3. Brandon dedicates a lot of time in furthering his team and his writing skills, but also has eyes set on becoming a pharmacist, studying as a chemistry major at a local Southern California university, and wrapping up a final semester. His studies in chemistry have led to implementing practices in quality control and cultivation of talent. After eight years, he has finally decided to put his experiences in writing to practice as a lead, with the founding of the Professionals Network.

Please send the following to me in an email to brandonbui[at]gamerpros[dot]co, or via the Contact Us form above on the top header bar:

  • A current copy of your resume
  • Description of your writing experience
  • Why you think you are a fit for a position
  • Small critique of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Two recent articles you have written in the past three months
  • What you can offer me at Gamer Professionals

If you generate interest, we will be in touch with you!