GamerPros’ Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Contest

I warned you this would happen, but hopefully you’re prepared! GamerPros is hosting a small Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer contest. While most people are just playing to please the animals, others have realized that the ease with which animals accept your designs leaves players an opportunity to design homes in unconventional manners, if they choose to do so, and honestly, there’s no reason not to!

Think you’re a top designer? Prove it! We’ve got three categories for you to choose from, in addition to Nintendo’s official first challenge. Nintendo’s asking you for sweets, but we’ve got a few other ideas in mind.

Category 1: Halloween

This one’s pretty self explanatory. Show us your best Halloween inspired home/public building! Show us horror, costumes, or tricks and treats!

Category 2: Recreations

Remember that Harry Potter themed home from my review? Consider it inspiration for this category! I’ve seen several other ideas, from recreating popular buildings in the main AC series to, well, other movies. Can you design something that makes us blink twice trying to comprehend amazing AC:HHD recreations of famous scenes/settings from other media?

Category 3: Theme “Town” 

This one’s a bit more different and difficult, but certainly unique. The idea is that you build several homes with certain themes, like furniture, colors, or custom designs to build sort of an overall atmosphere, story, or symbolism in your “town.” The above sample is based on an anime, with pictures of the characters suitable settings for their concerts created in various homes/buildings.

Rules and Entry

Readers can submit one code for Category 1 and Category 2, and can post codes three codes for Category 3 by October 15, 2015. One lucky winner in each category will have screenshots of their entry and a link to their design code(s) featured on GamerPros on Sunday, October 25, 2015.

Readers wishing to enter the contest should mention which category their entry is for and the home’s code in the comments section. Each home will be visited and reviewed by me, Laguna Levine, and judged by how well they fit their category. GamerPros staff cannot enter the contest (sorry guys!).

Published by Laguna Levine

Laguna Levine, who did not appear in Final Fantasy 8, is the illegitimate son of famous explorer Toma Levine, disowned for forsaking the family tradition of moustaches to join Team Beards. That's fine though, since both are translated into the same word in Japanese, the language of Laguna's current home country. When he's not writing about games, culture, food, or mythology, Laguna's teaching English, sometimes even with the help of games without getting fired.

12 thoughts on “GamerPros’ Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Contest

  1. Hello! Do I submit by just posting a comment?

    I’d like to submit my school for category #2. I recreated Greendale Community College from Community, the study room in particular. Here is the code: 0295-7741-419

  2. I finally got the Halloween stuff, so I was able to decorate for category #1. So many other things I would have like to have added, but I just haven’t unlocked them yet. The code is 0799-7744-339.

    1. Wow, that’s a great use of sound. It creates quite the atmosphere! It’s something that just can’t be appreciated in pictures alone. Good entry!

          1. Not bad! Not scary, but certainly shocking given some of the decor matching the inside of inhabitants 😉 Didn’t expect this!

  3. For those interested, there are currently 0 submissions for the theme section, 1 recreation, and 2 Halloween. You’ve still got 5 days to submit something!

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