Gamescom 2016: Ubisoft Unveils New Steep Trailer and Beta

(Source: Ubisoft)

Steep is coming! Ubisoft’s ambitious winter action sport open-world game is at Gamescom this year, and along with a new trailer and beta announcement, fans received a fair bit of new information about this upcoming sport thriller.

Steep is a step up from the linear winter sports games of the past by dropping players right on the Alps. Equipped with snowboards, skis, wingsuits, and paragliders, players will experience this downhill thrill ride in any way they choose.

In a Ubisoft blog post, the developers behind the new sport thriller went into what exactly players will be doing in the game, other than racing down mountains at incredible speeds. The post indicates the four different paths gamers can take while exploring, which is the most vital part of Steep. These routes are: Explorer, Freestyler, Bone Collector, and Freerider.

The Explorer path will lead players all across the Alps searching for new base camps and places to unlock more challenges to accomplish and master. Freestyler grabs you points when you perform tricks successfully as you explore the mountain on your own terms.

Bone Collector is the craziest of the paths, asking players to put themselves in mortal danger as they perform tricks like the “360 Headfirst Smash Into A Snowbank”. Lastly, Freerider takes everything you do into account. Want to see how many cliffs you can jump off of successfully? Freerider will reward you for that.

Ubisoft also announced a Steep beta. While there isn’t a date for the beta yet, players can head over to Steep’s official website to sign up now.

Steep releases in December on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.