Gamestop Reveals New PowerPass Program to Win Back Gamers


In a bid to win back gamers that have moved on to other outlets to acquire their games, Gamestop has revealed what they are calling the PowerPass. The GameStop PowerPass Program is a scheme that costs $60 for 6 months and allows players to rent an unlimited amount of games from any Gamestop store. The only restrictions of the program is that you are only allowed to have one game out at a time and that game must come from the preowned stock that is in store. Unfortunately this excludes any preowned games that are offered on the company website (otherwise this would just be Gamefly 2). At the end of your six month period you are allowed to keep one preowned game of your choosing.

The program is only offered to those who have signed up to be a Power Up Rewards Pro member, this is how they will track who has which games. The best part of this program is that there truly are no limitations on which games you can grab as long as it is a preowned copy, such as a game that came out last week or a game that came out 3 years ago. In other words, the store does not have a “rent now” section that you have to pick from, if there is a pre-owned sticker on it it is up for grabs.

The main concern is that there will not be a large enough supply of games available, especially once more people sign up for the program. With the introduction of this program, chances of finding a pre-owned copy of that hot new game you are looking for is looking very slim. We will see in the near future how this program unfolds for Gamestop and the customers who shop there. The PowerPass program is set to launch on November 19th.