Gearbox Is Readying Some Big Announcements for PAX



Over the last few days, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, in tandem with Gearbox’s official Twitter account, has been wetting the appetite of fans eager to know what the studio has been working on. Many of those same fans would likely also pose the questions of “Where is the next Borderlands?”, seeing as how we haven’t seen a new addition to the series since Borderlands: The Pre-Sequal in 2015. One the the aforementioned tweets (seen below) hints that the answer to both of those questions could becoming during Gearbox’s pannel at PAX East on March 28th.

The image in the tweet matches the cell-shaded, comic book style art that the Borderlands series is know for, which has lead many hearts to skip a beat at the thought of a Borderland 3 reveal. Perhaps it is even linked to the demo during GDC 2017 where Randy Pitchford showed off some of the impressive tech that will be “powering the next Boarderland game.” Although we won’t know for certain if this tease is for the next chapter in the mainline Borderlands games, the art all but confirms that it is something set in that very same universe.

Regardless of all that, people are still having fun guessing what the upcoming announcement might be.

Gearbox released another tweet yesterday teasing an additional, yet to be revealed, game. This time, we see what appears to be a robot being built, or maybe even dismantled, atop a mechanical table. It’s also worth noting that each of Gearbox’s responses on Twitter to a comment is a GIF of some kind of robot. Could this hint at a completely new IP with a world inhabited by mechanical beings?

The most recent tweet is a pixelated image of what appears to be a scene from Borderland 2. You can very clearly make out Maya, the playable Siren, on the left and the Marcus Gun-Budda statue from the game close by. The points of interest on this image seem direct enough that it’s likely not foreshadowing a new entry in the series, but could rather be hinting at the game(s) being remastered. It could possibly even be brought over to the Nintendo Switch! It would be great to see the three main games and all of their DLC brought to the console.

One thing is for certain: you will definitely want to keep your eyes on PAX East for a couple of big reveals! With E3 merely three months away, it would be interesting to see if Gearbox pulls out a major announcement on their biggest franchise during PAX instead. Could we see an announcement trailer during PAX and gameplay at E3? Let me hear your speculations in the comments below!