Gears of War 3 ‘Duck Hunt’ Easter Egg Found 5 Years After Initial Release

Usually after some time, a game’s plethora of hidden Easter Eggs have been revealed, noted and filed away for future generations to marvel at. There are times though when a particularly well-buried treat is never discovered until many years after the game’s initial release, sometimes decades. This is even more unusual when the game in question is a triple A, console exclusive flagship like Gears of War 3. There have already been a whole host of other documented Easter Eggs throughout the Gears of War franchise, so it’s not surprising that a few may have slipped under the radar.

Posted over on the Xbox One subreddit earlier today, the above video highlights just how difficult this Easter Egg was to spot. During Chapter 2, Act 2, the player first has to locate three tiny coins attached to scenery far from where any enemy Locust are likely to emerge from. Shooting each sounds a faint horn, and after fighting through a few waves of the enemy, your usual route of advancement is covered by a thin layer of mist. Stepping into this mist transports you to a room with a turret, and just like in Nintendo’s much loved retro classic Duck Hunt, you have to shoot down enemies as they launch themselves from the earth.

What is even better is that this Easter Egg rewards you for your discovery. Depending on how many “Ducks” you manage to take out, you and your team are given a weapon based on your performance. Smoke grenades, the equivalent of that hateful sniggering dog, for hitting nothing, and miniguns for a full house. Gaming secrets like this that remain hidden for so many years somehow give you an even greater sense of accomplishment and joy than one discovered on day one. Easter Eggs age well. Unlike their chocolatey counterparts.

Credit to “GoW TacCom” for finding the Easter Egg and creating the video.

Published by Ben Hutchings - Senior Editor

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