Not Enough People Are Excited for Genesis Alpha One, We Need to Fix That

Genesis Alpha One Review


With games like Kingdom Hearts III, the Resident Evil II remake, and Anthem coming out very soon, a game that might have slipped under your radar is Genesis Alpha One. The game is a the sci-fi fantasy mix of a first-person shooter, base-builder, and planetary explorer that also executes rouge-like elements in a really interesting way. I first had a chance to see the game in early 2017, and it completely blew me away. I booked a demo of the game during every event it was at, and I nearly have that demo memorized. Needless to say, I have been patently waiting for its release at the end of this month.

So, what makes Genesis Alpha One so interesting? Well, it’s a combination of several different types of game that have rarely been combined, but fit together perfectly. Your spaceship acts as a hub for most activities but very quickly it can get overrun by alien enemies, hence the need for a little gunplay. How did the aliens come in contact with your ship? Well you are searching a vast, empty region in space looking for a new home for humanity, and that requires a little fieldwork. Upon landing on a new world, alien threats can attach themselves to your ship and and spring an assault when you least expect it. In that struggle there is a good chance your character will be killed in the conflict. This leads into the game’s rouge-like elements. While embarking on the long journey, the captain of the ship is in charge of genetically crafting new crew members utilizing several different lifeform’s DNA. When the captain dies, the mantel is passed on to another member of the crew, and thus the player’s control shifts to that lifeform. It will be interesting to see how the game handles instances where the player character dies and there are no other crew members to take its place. Does this prompt a a reload from the last save, or is this the conclusion of the voyage and you have to start completely over? I’m hoping for the later. I would love to see this game take on the full spirit of the rouge-like genre as opposed to leaning more rouge-lite.

Take a look at the game in a little more detail in the trailer below. While I’ve only briefly covered a few of the cool gameplay loops, I encourage you to keep this game on your watchlist and check back soon as we’ll have a more detailed look at the game to share with you. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our review of Genesis Alpha One in the coming weeks!